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For over 25 years, East End Slabs has been helping Melbournians realise the great Australian dream of building their own home. We’ve gained extensive experience in residential concreting over the years, working with some of Melbourne’s leading home builders to deliver a quality product on time. It is this experience, combined with our effective scheduling, planning and site supervision systems that enables us to handle high volumes of residential work, whilst maintaining the quality and punctuality that our customers demand. Our team communicates effectively with customers and other trades to ensure our jobs run smoothly for all those involved.

While we specialise in the construction of waffle pod slabs, we also have the facilities and equipment necessary to offer a full range of earthworks, raft slab and strip footing options.

House Slabs

Since our establishment in 1985, East End Slabs has specialised in the construction of residential slabs. We offer a full range of slab construction services including provision of labour, reinforcing materials, concrete and our comprehensive quality assurance system. We can even coordinate other sub-floor trades such as surveyors, underground plumbers and electricians. We pride ourselves our our communication and customer service quality; it is our number one goal to deliver a quality slab within the time frame required. All of our excess materials are removed from site by our recycling service within 24 hours of the slab being poured. Our residential construction services include:

  • Waffle pod slabs
  • Conventional/Raft slabs
  • Infill slabs
  • Suspended/Bondek slabs


East End Slabs has a full range of earthmoving equipment at our disposal, including excavators, track loaders and tip trucks. We have the ability to work on wet and limited access sites while remaining conscious of safety at all times. Our earthworks services include:

  • Bored piers
  • Waffle pod slab bases
  • Bulk excavations including raft slabs, strip footings, underpinning and more
  • Soil removal

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Strip Footings

Because not every house can be built on a slab, East End Slabs also has the capacity to construct strip footings of any shape or size. As is the case with every faccet of our work, quality and scheduling are priorities in this sector of our business. Our strip footing services include:

  • Whole house strip footings
  • Retaining wall footings
  • Landscaping/ fence footings